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So SuperComputing happened.

Things of note from the past week, in no particular order:

* There is absolutely nothing wrong with a 14 year publication gap, is there?
* Holy hell am I stronger than I was three years ago. Better able to function under stress, too.
* That said: need to do something about my right knee (balky after a SC worth of walking/carrying) and controlling my stress response (icy calm is great. Icy calm is awesome. Can I have more of that and less of the migraines please?)
* You know you're a systems weenie when a nine hex digit number jumps out at you in a log file.
* If I do not commit personally to doing better than stone knives and bearskins, how can I expect the group to?
* Bouldering walls work much, much better with enough space.
* Bouldering walls work much, much better with experienced setters who take good advantage of that space.
* It doesn't matter where I'm climbing; my brain will not acknowledge any praise from the ground as targeted at me, regardless of the reality. After I'm down, sure, but not while I'm working.
* Field coats and brush cuts are apparently good looks on me, to the point where other guys notice.
* I no longer get to treat SC as a technical conference where I can actually listen to presentations. Meetings colonize all space and time available. Related: I'm going to have to start reading the gorram papers if I want to keep up.
* For a wide variety of reasons, a smartphone is trending towards required rather than optional.
* For a narrow variety of reasons (mostly keyboard-related, some processor-related) a new laptop is also trending towards required.
* There is a not-so-fine line between "display adaptability" and "just fucking wing it". One should perhaps err towards the "display adaptability" side.
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